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Know about your body type.
According to Tri-Doshaand Know your body type and Learn which dosha you are...
Ayurvedic Diet Consultation
In Pushpanjali Ayurveda Health Care center we provide diet consultation for peoples of different ages....


Diabetes Mellitus / Madhumeha...

Diabetes Mellitus / Madhumeha:

Diabetes mellitus is commonly referred as Madhumeha.
It is one of the common disorders. The Diabetes mellitus means passing sweet urine.

Diabetes mellitus is characterized by persistently raised blood glucose level
either due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin.

Type 1 : Beta – cell destruction of pancreas causing absolute deficiency of insulin.
Type 2 : Associated with predominantly insulin resistance / defect in beta
cell function and insulin action.

Endocrine disorders
• Cushing's syndrome
• Corticosteroid therapy
• Acromegaly
• Glucagonoma
• Pancreatitis
• Pancreatectomy
• Cystic fibrosis of the pancreas

Drugs induced : Glucocorticoids , diazoxide, phenytoin

• Coxsackie virus
• Congenital rubella
• Cytomegalovirus

Genetic Syndromes
• Down's Syndrome
• Turner's Syndrome
• Pregnancy related –gestational diabetes mellitus

Clinical feature of Diabetes Mellitus
• Tiredness , fatigue , irritability, loss of weight
• Thirst and dry mouth
• Blurring of vision
• Nausea, headache
• Excessive hunger and eating

 For Clinical Consultation Contact: Pushpanjaliayurveda

Patients at High Risk for Developing Diabetes
Family history of diabetes
History of gestational diabetes or patients who have delivered a baby weighing >9 lb Obesity.
History of hypertension (>140/90) , low HDL-C and elevated triglycerides 
History of metabolic syndrome
Inactive lifestyle
History of major depressive disorder (MDD)
History of vascular disease


Diagnoses and Investigations of Diabetes Mellitus
1.Testing urine for glucose using Dipstick method.

2.Blood glucose measurement.

3.HBA1C testing.

4.Urine Ketones bodies.

5.Urine Proteins.

6.Eye examination.

7.Foot examination.

8.Blood pressure measurement.

9.Urinary protein measurement.

10.Lipid profile.

11.Self-monitoring of blood glucose

The term Prameha is refered in Charaka Samhita , Susruta Samhita
for the multisystemic metabolic disorders effecting multitissues.

According to Ayurvedic literature - excess intake of milk & its products,
sugarcane juice & its products, meat of animals from marshland, food
products prepared from cereals that are less than one year, recently prepared wines, physical inactivity, excessive sleep, no day-to-day activity related
to mental work, excessive mental worry, obesity& sedentary life style & irregular eating habits etc.

For Clinical Consultation Contact: Pushpanjaliayurveda

Twenty types of premeha

kapha [10 verities]
pitta [6varities]
vata [4varities]
It get manifested depending on the basic constitution on the patient,
indulgence of verities of causative factors enlisted above & type of
tissues effected among the following- medas vasaa/fat, rakta/blood cells,
shukra, ambu, lasika, majja /bone marrow, rasa/lymph, pishita, ojas(which is responsible for body immunity).

Madhumeha is a kapha vata predominant disease has the symptoms
similar to that of diabetes mellitus, where diet ad lifestyle plays an
important role. Indulgence is sedentary habits, excessive intake of unctuous, sweet, milk etc. kphakara food leads to vitiation of medas, mamsa, kapha and body kleda is brought to the bladder, excreted out in form of urine. It leads to the decrease of Dhatus and ojus in the due course of time.

Recommendation on Diet Plan For Diabetes Mellitus/Madhumeha :

Food Item details
Can Take / amount
Don’t Take/amount
Natural Kitchen Salt.
Soup/Juice / Food.
Vegetables Soups.
Sweet juice/ fruit / food avoid.
Sugar, Junk / Fast Food / Cold Drinks/ Curd/ Tea, Coffee, Oily
Pulse, Eating of white flour, Rice, Pies, Strong spices, Fried and Starch rich foods..
Little Amount
Cakes, meats, Butter, Corn Flakes
Milk, Food containing vitamin A (egg yolk, pumpkin, carrot, leafy vegetables, papaya etc.

Different Dietary recommendation for Diabetes Mellitus/ Madhumeha:

30-35 Kilocalories /kg body is the ideal calorie requirement. Depending upon the type of life style.
1. Intake of proteins: 15-20% of total calories.
2. Carbohydrates: 60-70% of total calories.
3. Polyunsaturated fat: Less than 10% of total calories.
4. Intake of dietary fiber: 20-30 g/day.

Ayurvedic Management of Diabetes Mellitus/ Madhumeha:

(Note - Patients are advise to take these according to physician guidance only).

Among various classical ayurvedic formulations depending upon patients prakruti(individual constitution), dosha-dushya sammurchhana, desh, kal and bal etc. one can get benefit from these  formulations. 

Basantkusumark rasa, br.bangeshwar rasa, prameha gajkesari rasa, chandraprabhavati,shilajitvadivati,triphla churan , neyagrodhadi
churan etc.   

 For Clinical Consultation Contact: Pushpanjaliayurveda


NOTE:  This web page is for providing general information and not offering as prescription, treatment for any disease, illness medical condition.  Please avoid taking any kind of self-treatment and must consult physician for taking any medication or health concern.


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