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Kirori Mal College
(Delhi University)...
  July 2011
KN College(Delhi University)...
Know about your body type.
According to Tri-Doshaand Know your body type and Learn which dosha you are...
Ayurvedic Diet Consultation
In Pushpanjali Ayurveda Health Care center we provide diet consultation for peoples of different ages....


History of Ayurveda...

The meaning of Ayurveda and Vedic Period in India :

Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words: Ayu = life and Veda = knowledge of. According to the ancient Ayurvedic scholar Charaka, "ayu" is comprised of four essential parts.

The combination of mind, body, senses and the soul. Ayurveda (Sanskrit:  Ayurveda, "the complete knowledge for long life") or ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine.In Sanskrit, the word ayurveda consists of the words ayus, meaning "longevity", and veda, meaning "related to knowledge" or "science".

The earliest literature on Indian medical practice were Susruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita.Ayurveda is the oldest healing procedure and practice of Ayurveda symbolises the natural health healing.

Now as the world moves toward a single system of holistic planetary medicine it finds itself returning to the source and re-entering the vast ancient realm of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient system of Medicine from the Himalayan Mountains using Herbs .

Ayurveda identifies three basic types of energy or functional principles that are present in everyone and everything.Since there are no single words in English that convey these concepts, we use the original Sanskrit words vata, pitta and kapha.


Ayurvedic Medicine for various Dieases are as listed below :

• Acidity
• Acne
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Backache
• Cold
• Cough
• Constipation
• Dandruff
• Dark Circles
• Gastritis
• Hypertension
• Hemorrhoids

• Indigestion
• Itching
• Jaundice
• Stones
• Blood Pressure Low / High
• Migraine
• Nasal Congestion
• Obesity
• Pimples
• Pink Eye
• Psoriasis
• Toothache
• Ulcers of the Stomach


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Punchkarma Therapy
Ayurvedic Medicine for various Dieases are as listed below.
- Acidty
- Sinuses/Nasal Congestion
- Hemorrhoids
- Diabetes / Sugar
- PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
- Urinary tract infection
- Itching
- Jaundice
- Stones
- Psoriasis
- Tonsillitis
- Hiccups
Know about Herbs and its Medicinal uses in Ayurveda...