Liver Disorder

Liver disease may vary, they often include swelling of the abdomen and legs, even bruising easily, change in the color of your stool and urine, and jaundice, or yellowish color of the skin and eyes. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all. Liver tests such as imaging tests and liver function tests can check for liver damage and even helps to diagnose liver diseases.

This vitiation of imbalance in the natural working of the liver along with the three doshas ultimately results in the formation of liver diseases. Pitta dosha-based problems of skin inflammation may be a direct result of liver imbalance. The liver is one of the main sites of the Agni principle. The liver hosts bhutagni which are the subtle enzymes that digest the five elements in our food into forms that directly nourish our five sense organs which are eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin. Effective transformation of one dhathu to the next is caused by the seven dhatwagnis.